Favorite Artists list

Whilst many of the artists have done both game art and manga/novel art. I have decided to break it up into what the artists are most known for. I decided to actually have consistency for this page and have Japanese order for the names.

Visual Novels & Eroge
Takeuchi Takashi (武内 崇)

I'll upload a better shot when I finish umlimited blade works

I'll upload a better shot when I finish umlimited blade works

Type-Moon main artist. He gives his characters aura (which may be light, dark, or both). I of course knew him first for his designs in Tsukihime and then for Rakkyo and Fate. I love his artwork for general seriousness and general light feel that his art has. When drawing I often use his concept art to try and emulate it.

Has also done: many doujin works.
Characters by him that I love: Akiha , Fujino, Tohsaka Rin (pictured) MANY others.

Oosaki Shinya (大崎シンヤ)

Even though she is apparently not featured much. I will play Hanachirasu just for her.

Even though she is apparently not featured much. I will play Hanachirasu just for her.

Nitroplus artist: Whilst Takeuchi has light and dark. Shinya is a bit darker , and I LOVE IT. Being able to enforce darkness whilst retaining moe elements is impressive

Has also done: only done games from what I’ve investigated. I really hope s/he should release an artbook when s/he can
Characters by him/her that I love: Kaigen! (pictured), Anna

Hatozuki Tsumiki (鳩月つみき)


Eushully main artist: Whilst alot of eroge feature girls in their late teens, it is hard to find some cool art of mature woman. Tsumiki draws some great mature woman. He’s especially good on making slender figures. And in all it makes a clear definition of how the characters behave

Has also done: can’t find much else
Characters by him that I love: Haishera, Selfilia (pictured).

Suzuhira Hiro (鈴平ひろ)


I would be surprised if you missed this name. A female artist who did lots of work for Navel. She has done alot of drawing including some great fanart. I’m a really big fan of her eye-design. Her characters have a nice shine to them.

Has also done: other than games she has done some light novels, notably Akikan! and Ginban Kaleidoscop.
Character by her that I love: Nerine, Melon

Chuuou Higashiguchi (中央東口)

...Until I get a good picture of Saya

...Until I get a good picture of Saya

Nitroplus artist and Propeller artist: Getting past the long name. Like Shinya he also does dark characters (face it 90% of Nitroplus game are dark). His coloring is very nice and bold. It was only now that I dscovered that Propeller’s releases have his character designs, which was a pleasant surprise.

Has also done: He has one anime involvement, the art for Mnemosyne
Characters by him that I love: Saya, Riuli, Selma (pictured)

Moekibara Fumitake (萌木原ふみたけ)


Lump of Sugar main artist. I gradually got introduced to this artist. I seriously hope Lump of Sugar never uses another artist than him. What I find fascinating about his art is that it’s very easy to look at and yet so complicated at rhe same time. The faces feel very deep (admittedly you can’t see that with this image I’m sorry). What I love the most though, is that his style has a nice sharpness that is lost in alot of moe-filled artwork.

He has also done: Actually it looks as if he has only done games.
Characters by him that I like: Mifuyu (pictured)

Koyama Hirokazu (こやまひろかず)


Type-Moon other artist. This name may be lost to you, but he has been one of the lead colorists involved in Type-Moon. He also has made some drawings of his own that look more detached than Takeuchi’s art but just as wonderful (my theory is that he got lessons from Takeuchi).

Has also done: First major character design work was for DDD (Decoration Disorder Disconnection) Type-Moon’s current light novel

Characters by him that I like: Arika’s sister, Kaie, Aozaki Aoko (his version)

Manga & Light Novel

Peach Pit (ピーチ・ピット)

A rare cute moment for her.

A rare cute moment for her.

Alright, I have only read Rozen Maiden by this group. But I love their artwork for all the same reasons. They have a particular way of using thin-lines and therefore making it look almost as if the character is still in conceptual design (but still l0oks beautiful of course). Their art-style has changed and their lines have become bolder and more defined (which only enhances my love of their art). I love Rozen Maiden cause of it’s gothic design and European theme.

Characters by the group that I like: Suigintou, Shinku.

Tinkle (てぃんくる)

be sure not to die of cute-ness

be sure not to die of cute-ness

Do I need to explain why I like this artist. His/her drawings are so fucking adorable I don’t know what to say. Simply, this un-filtered moe. Tinkle draws lots of gothic things (and he has done Rozen Maiden fanart). His/her most notable manga is Tsukiyo no Fromage which I suggest you look around for cause it’s dn cute.

Other things she/he has done: She/he has a few eroge credits. But is mostly known for his/her artbook releases (particularly Duel Dolls)

Characters by him/her that I like: Damn it you’re making me choose?! Ummm

Nihei Tsutomu (弐瓶勉)

An arthitect and an artist. I made post about Blame!. But I’ll just re-emphasize my feelings here. Nihei’s amount of detail in his scenery just wows my everytime. He doesn’t need to tell stories he just shows them.

Suzushiro Kurumi (珠洲城くるみ)

Makes everything awesome

Makes everything awesome

There are few times where I say “holy SH**….this person needs to get themselves a manga to make themselves known”. And that was my reaction to his/her art. I particularly notice the sharp edges he has in his designs. He also makes some very wonderful expressions.

Work she/he has done: No formal published work. Though part of a Doujin Circle. Main site here

Artists to be added later

Sasaki Shonen (Tsukihime manga)
Kijima Renga (WonderThree manga-ka)
Gokurakuin Sakurako (Sekirei manga-ka)
Senomoto Hisashi (AXL artist, Koisuru Otome to Shugo Tate)
Kouga Yun (Loveless manga-ka)
ideolo (game, “Scarlet Weather Rhapsody” and “Immaterial and Missing Power”)
Tsuji Santa (Nitro royale art)

Tips for finding eroge artists? Go to the Japanese wikipedia page of the eroge in question and CNTRL+F 原画 (the kanji for “original drawing”)


6 Responses to Favorite Artists list

  1. m3rryweather says:

    Nice selection you have here. Tinkle IS unfiltered moe. I’m always impressed by the amount of detail the artist puts in the clothes. So much frills, lace, and ribbons. 0_o

  2. avisch says:

    I think what goes through Tinkle’s mind has to be

    “Hmmm what could make this drawing better? I KNOW! LACE! LACE AND RIBBONS! RIBBONS, LACE AND BOWS, LACE LACE LACE. Ok done!”

    Yeah the amount of detail is amazing. I almost feel I get dizzy looking at his work. I’m looking forward to reading more of his manga when I can.

  3. Kurotsuki says:

    Nice list you got there pal . Also thanks for “Takashi Takeuchi” , I was planning on trying to figure out someday at some point who was behind the Fate art . Too bad he doesn’t seem to have a personal website where he post art 😦 .
    I’ll have to do my own list at some point , but Its so long it’s going to take a long while ^^’
    Oh , btw , Do you know which of the two Nitro+ artist made Soniko ? I’m going to guess it’s Shinya since his-her design is closer to his style , but then again , it could also be Higashiguchi

  4. avisch says:

    Infact it is one of the artists I hadn’t posted yet, Tsuji Santa (津路参汰). I’ll I didn’t know Soniko’s name (though now I do) though I think I had been seeing a certain Nitro+ girl. I hadn’t investigated his art as much. I wonder if he took lessons from Shinya cause actually DID draw Kaigen and enarly fool me into thinking it was by Shinya.

    Just to list the other Nito+ artists:
    Yanoguchi Kimi (矢野口 君) – only worked on Phantom of Inferno
    Niθ (にし~) – Demonbane and Jingai Makyou.

  5. Kurotsuki says:

    Ace ! Thanks man.
    Looks like s-he did the CG’s for a game called Sumaga . I’ll look into it. I’m just sad s-he doesn’t appear to have a website to post art either D: . Lazy eroge artists ~

  6. mds says:

    Tinkle’s artworks makes me remember of Hinata Takeda’s artwork,by the way….

    Well,Nitro+ now has several other artists under their belt,like Huke (Steins Gate) ,Sasaki Mutsumi (Chaos Head),and I don’t know who did Muramasa…

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